3.5.21 Nick makes the Varsity baseball team again for his senior year at MSJ
2.21.21 Landon is confirmed at St. Mark Church with Nick as his sponsor
2.18.21 Landon gets accepted into Mount Saint Joseph High School
2.2.21 Nick starts his new job at Tino’s Italian Bistro
9.30.20 Landon turns 14 years old in quarantine due to COVID-19
8.31.20 Nick starts senior year at MSJ virtually, Landon starts 8th grade and Gwen starts 5th grade
8.23.20 Nick hits two homeruns over the fence and goes 6 for 8 in doubleheader for Potter Pirates
8.13.20 Buddy Boo turns 6 years old today
7.14.20 Nick turns 17 years old in quarantine due to COVID-19
6.29.20 Stacey and Charlie celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary
6.16.20 Nick gets his drivers license
5.13.20 Gwen turns 10 years old in quarantine due to COVID-19
5.10.20 Stacey turns 46 years old in quarantine due to COVID-19
4.12.20 Charlie turns 47 years old in quarantine due to COVID-19
2.29.20 Nick makes the Varsity Baseball team at MSJ
1.24.20 Gwen gets her braces off
9.30.19 Landon is a teenager today turning 13 years old
8.13.19 Buddy turns 5 today
8.2.19 Nick gets his braces off
7.14.19 Nick turns 16 years old
7.12.19 Landon leaves to play in Cooperstown with the 12u Cubs
6.29.19 Stacey and Charlie celebrate 17 years of marriage
6.24.19 Nick gets his drivers permit
5.13.19 Gwen turns 9 years old
5.10.19 Stacey turns 45 years young
4.16.19 Gwen got braces
4.12.19 Charlie turns 46 years young
11.6.18 Stacey and Charlie went on our first date 20 years ago
10.13.18 Landon has a paintball birthday party
9.30.18 Landon turns 12 years old
7.14.18 Nick turns 15 years old
7.2.18 Nick starts his first job at Catonsville Gourmet
6.29.18 Stacey and Charlie’s 16th Wedding Anniversary
6.26.18 Landon’s 11u Cubs win the MABA tournament
5.13.18 Gwen has a SkyZone birthday party to celebrate her 8th birthday
5.10.18 Stacey turns 44 years young
4.12.18 Charlie turns 45 years young
3.3.18 Nick makes Fresh/Soph baseball team at Mount Saint Joe
9.30.17 Landon turns 11 years old
8.28.17 Nick’s first day at Mount Saint Joe
7.14.17 Nick turns 14 years old
6.29.17 Stacey and Charlie’s 15th Wedding Anniversary
5.13.17 Gwen has a bfunk party for her 7th birthday
5.10.17 Stacey turns 43 years young
4.12.17 Charlie turns 44 years young
9.30.16 Landon turns 10 years old
7.14.16 Nick turns 13 years old
7.8.16 Nick leaves to play in Cooperstown with the 12u Cubs
6.10.16 Nick makes 12U MABA All Star Game
6.3.16 Gwen graduates from Kindergarten
5.13.16 Gwen turns 6 years old 
5.10.16 Stacey turns 42 years old
4.12.16 Charlie turns 43 years old
11.13.15 Gwen has her first sleepover at a freind’s house
9.30.15 Landon turns 9 years old
8.24.15 Gwen starts Kindergarten, Nick heads to 7th grade and Landon to 3rd grade
7.14.15 Nick turns 12 years old
6.29.15 Stacey and Charlie’s 13th Wedding Anniversary!
6.22.15 Landon’s 8U Cubs win LFYAA Tournament
5.14.15 Daddy takes Gwen to get her ears pierced
5.13.15 Gwen turns 5 years old
5.10.15 Stacey turns 41 years old
4.19.15 Landon has first 7/8 travel baseball game. Pitches 1 2/3 scoreless innings and wins 9-4.
4.18.15 Father / Daughter Dance at St. Mark School
4.12.15 Charlie turns 42 years old
1.17.15 Nick and Landon led their basketball teams in scoring
11.15.14 "Buddy" is a new member of the family
11.6.14 Stacey and Charlie started dating on this day 16 years ago
9.30.14 Landon turns 8 years old 
8.27.14 Landon has his first kid pitch game, goes 1-2 with 3 RBI’s and pitched great
7.14.14 Nick turns 11 years old 
6.29.14 Stacey and Charlie celebrate 12 year wedding anniversary
6.22.14 Nick’s 10U Cubs win MABA Tournament
6.20.14 Landon goes 3-4 in 7/8 All Star Game and wins MVP of the game
5.18.14 Gwen has her first Ballet Recital
5.13.14 Princess Gwen is 4 today, has Day Spa for Kids party to celebrate
5.10.14 Stacey turns the big 40!
4.12.14 Charlie turns 41
3.5.14 Stacey and Charlie head to Jamaica to celebrate Stacey’s 40th Birthday
11.9.13 Strouse family heads to Disney again
9.30.13 Landon turns 7 years old, party at Sky Zone
7.16.13 Gwen has her first dental visit
7.14.13 Nick turns 10 years old
5.13.13 Our little princess Gwen turns 3 years old today
5.10.13 Stacey turns 39, celebrates dinner at Chazz - A Bronx Original
4.12.13 Charlie turns the big 40!
9.30.12 Landon turns 6 years old
9.17.12 Gwen poopies on the potty for the first time, YEAH!
9.12.12 Gwen starts Catonsville Co-Operative Preschool with Mommy
8.27.12 Nick starts 4th grade and Landon starts Kindergarten at St. Mark
7.14.12 Nick turns 9 years old, celebrates at Camden Yards with some friends
6.29.12 Stacey and Charlie celebrate 10 year wedding anniversary
6.1.12 Landon graduates from Pre-K at St. Mark School
5.12.12 Gwen has 2nd birthday party, YO GABBA GABBA style!
5.10.12 Stacey turns 38 years old
4.12.12 Charlie turns 39 years old
4.4.12 Nick has first 8U travel baseball game. Wins 14-1, K’s 6 batters and singles up the middle
9.30.11 Landon turns 5 today. Birthday Party with friends riding Go-Karts and playing Mini Golf
9.14.11 Landon’s first day of school at St. Mark
8.31.11 Nick starts third grade at St. Mark
8.16.11 Landon jumps off diving board at Rollingwood Pool, learns to swim
8.4.11 Landon learns how to ride a bike
7.14.11 Nick turns 8 years old. Birthday Party with his friends at BASES
7.10.11 Landon goes down the slide at Five Oaks by himself for the first time
6.29.11 Stacey and Charlie celebrate 9 wonderful years of marriage
6.24.11 Nick loses five teeth in one week
6.20.11 Nick makes 2011 7/8 Catonsville Baseball Tournament Team
6.1.11 Gwen starts walking by herself
5.13.11 Gwen turns 1 today! Big 1st birthday celebration at the house for our little baby sweets
4.30.11 Nick celebrates his First Holy Communion at St. Mark
4.2.11 Baseball starts for Nick and Landon
2.8.11 Landon begins swim lessons at UMBC
1.23.11 KIDflatables.com business launches - Moon Bounce and Inflatable Slide Rentals
1.22.11 Gwen starts waving
1.4.11 Gwen is crawling
12.3.10 Nick celebrates the Sacrament of Reconciliation at St. Mark
10.24.10 Nick goes to his first Ravens game at M&T Bank Stadium
10.14.10 Nick attends Baseball Factory
10.10.10 Gwen gets baptised at St. Mark Chapel
9.27.10 Landon has 4th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese
9.14.10 Landon attends his first day of pre-school at St. Mark
9.5.10 Landon sees his first concert with his brother Nick - Justin Bieber at the State Fair
8.26.10 Gwen rolls over by herself for the first time
7.30.10 Gwen sleeps in her crib for the first time
7.27.10 Nick jumps off the diving board for the first time at Five Oaks Pool
7.17.10 Nick has his 7th birthday party with an 18 foot Inflatable Water Slide at the house
Nick has 5/6 Baseball All Star Game - Goes 5 for 5 and has diving catch at SS
Our baby girl Gwen was born and weighed 7lbs 7oz
1.9.10 Landon sleeps in his big boy bed for the first time
1.1.10 Landon sees "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel". His first movie in the theater
12.18.09 Nick and Landon find out they are going to have a "Sister"
11.17.09 Nick loses his first tooth
10.03.09 Landon has third birthday party at The Petting Farm
9.08.09 We are going to have baby number 3! New Show Coming: Charlie and Stace plus Tres
8.31.09 Nick starts 1st grade at St. Mark
7.11.09 Nick has his 6th birthday party with an 18 foot Inflatable Water Slide at the house
6.15.09 Nick and Landon go on their first cruise
5.27.09 Nick graduates from Kindergarten at St. Mark
9.30.08 Elmo returns for Landon’s 2nd Birthday Party
8.25.08 Nick’s first day of kindergarten at St. Mark
5.18.08 Nicholas learns how to ride a bike
4.30.08 Landon attends his first Orioles game in a sky box at Camden Yards
12.10.07 Landon starts to walk
11.27.07 Landon gets his first haircut
9.30.07 Landon turns one
9.8.07 Nicholas has his first soccer game
Nicholas has a "Pump It Up" 4th birthday party
4.14.07 Landon’s first trip to Disney World
Landon Charles Strouse was born and weighed 8lbs 14oz
Nicholas attends his first day of pre-school at St. Mark
Nicholas turns three and has all his friends over for a "Cars" Birthday Party
Nicholas sees "Cars". His first movie in the theater
Nicholas finds out that he’s going to have a brother, his name will be Landon
Nicholas meets Mickey Mouse and Friends for the first time in Disney World
Nicholas finds out he’s going to be a big brother
Nicholas turns two years old and Elmo attends his Birthday Party
Nicholas attends his first Orioles game in a sky box at Camden Yards
Nicholas starts to walk
Nicholas is born and weighs 6 lbs 14 oz
Stacey and Charlie get married
Stacey and Charlie go on our first date to Cross Street Market, the rest is history



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